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Decision Making Time for First solo trip

It all started with a simple sudden thought after a movie “Into the Wild” seen in 2011 during unemployment days of September. This thought of travelling alone was exciting as I had never tried this stuff before, and didn’t took the leap at that time, as I ignored this thought in the name of other priorities at that time like Job searching, to be be fit in technology market by learning relevant skills and all that which didn’t excite me that much, but it was a necessity of time then.
During college days also, I didn’t took a leap to participate in IV visits (i.e college picnics to different states hill stations) as my parents said we don’t waste our money on you like this, just study hard and show us good grades and as a Good child I agreed and not followed what I wanted due to lack of money as well as lack of decision making on my part.
Like this, as a good elder child of home, in order to be example to younger siblings, cousins, I followed a path which looked good, but not exciting enough to utilize my physical capabilities like strength and on the feet thinking to tackle current problem on hand.
After working for 2 years in IT industry in one of the prestigious MNC company where we used to work in a AC restaurant kind of environment with a big ocean of cubicles around me, where people don’t talk, they mostly chat via their PC to nearby cubicles.
During this time in MNC, I learnt few important things, whoever great person I liked in company was under some or the other pressure to perform even if they don’t like their job/task and they usually say “ we don’t have any other option,then to save this Job and do it a Good way”.
So in order to live as I like to live, I understood that If I don’t take plunge now , then nobody will care to do so for me, so I’m the decision maker of what I want from my life and how to proceed to it.
As you know, more thinking breeds doubt in self and more and more negative opinions start appearing true and we finally decide against our will in persuasion of so called “Secured Choice” because we are afraid to look as idiot who makes wrong choices, as from childhood onward we learn that making mistakes is Wrong, but that’s the only way , by which we learnt our some of the valuable lessons till now. So this same thought was emphasized in a Book “Good to Great” that those who makes mistakes, actually creates something new which is sustainable.
Based on this thought process, I took a plunge to follow my dreams of creating a small company as well as to take on this Lone tour of north west India.


North-West India Solo Trip

Hi Buddy,

Until Now, You heard many different stories of different themes like romance, action, adventure,craze,comedy,confusion,horror etc in movies, radios or online . From these how many stories you have read/heard about an “Average Guy like you who took a Step to Live his Dream”. This is story of one of the guy who got so fed-up with postponing his dreams in lure of a regular routine life like others in which he was travelling to and fro from home to office on each day for 2 continuous years in crowded trains of Mumbai.
One day! that Average Guy took a step which appeared to be horror as well as exciting to many of his peers. Suddenly he moved onto live his old dream by leaving all those external reasoning’s of his family and office work.
His old dream was: To Travel alone and spend time with unknown people.
That Guy, finally took a plunge to pursue a lone trip in different states of India. Although this is not such a big dream as before him, already many exceptional people in this world did more than what this average guy was up-to, like travelling alone to different harsh places like Antarctica, north pole etc. But Who cares! Being a regular middle class guy who was not even from well sound financial background and who already had many chores to look after such as being a consistent top performer in office and being an obedient son of the house. Taking a step for lone trip is worthwhile decision of his lifetime. Consequences might be dangerous, but as Scientist Einstein once quoted: “A Ship is always Safe at shore but that is not what it’s built for“.
That guy chose to travel around different regions of India almost traversing 5 states of India including destinations like: Vadodara,Anand,Khambat,Nadiad,Ahmedabad,Ajmer,Pushkar,Amritsar,Beas,Delhi,Agra,Gwalior and then back to home Mumbai.
Considering this journey, although it’s not a moon mission but it’s not less than that for a regular youngster of India who usually spends his most life in survival race of adulthood to perform his various responsibilities.

It was an Incredible Experience of Lifetime. Here are the parts of that experience that may assist you to take your plunge and get out somewhere:

PARTS of experience:

  1.  Why I decided to pursue this Solo trip?
  2. How I arranged this solo trip?
  3.  How I handled parents reaction to this solo trip thought?
  4. How this trip got started?
  5. Why I actually started this lone trip? (Refining…).
  6. First Stop: Gujarat (Refining…).
  7. Exploring more in Gujarat only (Refining…).
  8. Thinking about further Trip while in Gujarat (Refining).
  9. On my way to Rajasthan’s Ajmer (Refining…).
  10. Memorable Day in Ajmer Before I had to leave (Refining…).
  11. Reached Punjab’s Amritsar (Refining…).
  12. Amritsar Day 1 Intro Visits (Refining…).
  13. Amritsar Day 2 Before Morning (Refining…).
  14. Experienced Calm Day at Golden Temple (Refining…).
  15. Amritsar Day 3 a Day to remember at Beas Dera  before leaving (Refining…).
  16. Reaching MP’s Gwalior for Stay before TAJ visit (Refining…).
  17. Experienced Inside Silence of Taj (Refining…).
  18. Back to Home (Refining…).


Hope it helps!