2D Transformation Implementation in c++

This an Computer Graphics practical program to showcase the different transformation in 2D graphics.

Instruction to execute the below program:
1.save the file as .cpp file in bin folder of any c++ software.
2.Compile and Run the file using the menu of that software.

Download perfect program in .txt Format

/*Program starts here*/

/*Program ended*/


Cpu Scheduling algorithm’s Implementation in Java

CPU scheduling policies like FCFS (first come first serve) ,SJF with preemptive as well as Non preemptive,Round Robin,Priority scheduling are implemented in Java language:

Download Its Perfect Copy in   .txt Format

Download Steps to Run this Java code in .doc file


Download Its OUTPUT Copy in .doc Word Format

Instruction to run the below program in windows OS:

1.save the program as rectangle.java in bin folder of jdk.
2.compile the program using ” javac rectangle.java “in cmd prompt
3.run the file using appletviewer rectangle.java
4.give input values in cmd prompt and finally observe Gantt Chart
in appletviewer window.

INPUT is: rectangle.java :

/* Program starts here: */

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