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Im a patriot Tech Indian ,who is web-Enthusiast by interest and a computer Engineer by education,and database guy by profession who likes to learn & experience anything,that comes in a way.

Angel Investor expectations and Tips for Startup Founders

Post by Demla Pawan:

Angel Investor expectations and Tips for Startup Founders

Angel Investor expectations and Tips for Startup Founders


Canon Project Experience

Hi Buddy,

Good to see you here!

Today I completed 3+ years in Canon Project (31st Dec,2014).

Soon.. I will write about my memorable experience in Canon Eagles project within Capgemini India with wonderful friends and colleagues like you.

It would be really nice if you please share your experience of working with me as comments on this post.



SQL and PL/SQL Training

Hi Buddy,

Good to see you here!

Attend Introduction session for more details
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By Completing this free


 Lectures are Taken on Demand due to Heavy schedules.

ENTRY Free for Registered People only

NEXT BATCH START DATE Will be Informed to you by mail.


It’s an Oracle Database Developer Certification course with Placement guidance.


  • WHERE it will be conducted?
    – Usually we conduct these sessions on Aashee Tutorials premise ADD: 2nd floor above Shop #342,
    Near Hira Book Seller,
    Station Road,ShivajiChowk, Ulhasnagar-421003,Thane(MH)

CONTACT: +91-8080999044

–>Here are the other questions which might be important to you:

  • WHAT  I will get in this course?
    – SQL Training.
    – PL/SQL Training.
    – Course Completion Certificate.
    – Mock-up tests for Certification exam.
    – Mock-up Interviews and off-campus placement tips.
    – Certification Exam Material.
  • HOW it is Beneficial to me?
    – IT Industry prefers certified developers.
    -Possible internship opportunity in company.
    -You will become a Database Professional who can work in any IT domain.
    – SQL and PL/SQL forms the base of many systems such as HDFC Bank, Facebook, Flipkart etc.

WHAT I will be paid after this course?
After completion of this course and certification, when you apply for job as a certified Database Professional, you  can expect the following salary range as per current market data:

STARTING SALARY (average estimate):

Start Salary


SALARY GROWTH (average estimate):

Salary Growth

Click above images to open industry source data.


  • HOW much will be its cost?
    – SQL Training is free (like Air).
    – PL/SQL Training costs less than your pocket-money.
  • For latest information, please attend the Introduction session or contact us.
  • WHAT is Pre-Requisite background needed for this course?
    -Bsc IT/CS.
    -IT Diploma.
    -BE in IT/CS.
    -any logic programming.other Branch students can come for intro sessions to understand whether they can absorb the relevant knowledge.
  • WHEN next Introduction lecture will happen?
    – 27th December – 4:30pm sharp-Done
    – 20th December – 4:00pm sharp –(DONE).
    – 13th December – 4:00pm sharp –(DONE).
    – 14th November – 4:00 pm sharp –(DONE).
  • WHEN next Course Batch will Start?
  • Next will be announced by mail.
  • – 22th December,2014 -09th February,2015 -(DONE).
  • WHAT will be Total duration of this course?
    Total: 30 hours including (18hrs SQL , 12hrs PL/SQL).
  •  WHAT will be its Batch timings?
    Three Variants of class timings.
    – S1 Morning: 9am-11am on Mon-Fri.
    – S2 Afternoon: 11am-3pm on Sat-Sun.
    – S3 Evening: 6pm-8pm on Mon-Fri.
    For more clarification on this, please contact us.
  • WHY are you conducting this course?
    Recently, I visited my old engineering college in Mumbai where I met some students who were 2013 pass-outs with no Job offers after many tries. so they visited college placement officer and waiting outside his office for some assistance. Hence, I thought why not share this fundamental database knowledge to my fellow engineering buddies which might help them fetch a Job in multinational company like me, because long back I was also in same situation (Read more here:

We are conducting this noble sessions of knowledge sharing with the support of Engineering Team and Aashee Tutorials.

Decision Making Time for First solo trip

It all started with a simple sudden thought after a movie “Into the Wild” seen in 2011 during unemployment days of September. This thought of travelling alone was exciting as I had never tried this stuff before, and didn’t took the leap at that time, as I ignored this thought in the name of other priorities at that time like Job searching, to be be fit in technology market by learning relevant skills and all that which didn’t excite me that much, but it was a necessity of time then.
During college days also, I didn’t took a leap to participate in IV visits (i.e college picnics to different states hill stations) as my parents said we don’t waste our money on you like this, just study hard and show us good grades and as a Good child I agreed and not followed what I wanted due to lack of money as well as lack of decision making on my part.
Like this, as a good elder child of home, in order to be example to younger siblings, cousins, I followed a path which looked good, but not exciting enough to utilize my physical capabilities like strength and on the feet thinking to tackle current problem on hand.
After working for 2 years in IT industry in one of the prestigious MNC company where we used to work in a AC restaurant kind of environment with a big ocean of cubicles around me, where people don’t talk, they mostly chat via their PC to nearby cubicles.
During this time in MNC, I learnt few important things, whoever great person I liked in company was under some or the other pressure to perform even if they don’t like their job/task and they usually say “ we don’t have any other option,then to save this Job and do it a Good way”.
So in order to live as I like to live, I understood that If I don’t take plunge now , then nobody will care to do so for me, so I’m the decision maker of what I want from my life and how to proceed to it.
As you know, more thinking breeds doubt in self and more and more negative opinions start appearing true and we finally decide against our will in persuasion of so called “Secured Choice” because we are afraid to look as idiot who makes wrong choices, as from childhood onward we learn that making mistakes is Wrong, but that’s the only way , by which we learnt our some of the valuable lessons till now. So this same thought was emphasized in a Book “Good to Great” that those who makes mistakes, actually creates something new which is sustainable.
Based on this thought process, I took a plunge to follow my dreams of creating a small company as well as to take on this Lone tour of north west India.