Parents reaction to traveller

Parents Reaction to first time Traveller

Soon after arranging tickets and stay for this trip, just 2 Days before from my trip start date (13th Dec,2013), I informed my parents about my trip in little vague manner with little details like I’m going to Ahmedabad with my office colleague(which was not the case), so I was questioned like I did some Lafda(Crime) or something.

I answered some of the critical questions of parents:
0. why are you going?
1.When you are leaving?
2. With whom you are leaving?
3. where do you live?
4. when you will be back?

To all above questions, which I handled them very carelessly and it resulted into suspicion about my plans into their minds, as I answered like this.

0. why are you going?
: To see new things because its my wish to see.
they said, you go to where we say and we can suggest you some good place.
I said , No sometimes I also want to make my own choice.

1.When are you leaving?
:I said on Friday night directly from office, then Mom said : then how can you take some food for night.
I responded, I don’t need that.

2. With whom you are leaving?
:Previously I said, my office friend who’s from Ahmedabad will accompany me and now I was saying, that he may or may not accompany me, and then the fury started, parents responded that you won’t go alone and I declared my decision of going there

3. Where would you live?
: I answered like I will stay at a Office friend-Friends House, and will be back in 3-4 days without any exact info.

4. When you will be back?
: I answered in unsure tone of 2-3 days sometime and then 3-4 days sometime.
So this all created a bit tension and suspicion on my plans for them.

But I can’t postponed this once in a life time trip.

On Next day,i.e Thursday, Mom said both parents are bit ill and in tension after I declared about my trip and they want me to go where they want me, not where I want to.

But they reacted in similar manner, when I first said them that I’m starting Bagtag an online store and they advised me to focus on my Job.

I’m still firm on my decision to make this trip, because all things are set well for this trip, like:
1. Cool Trip Route.
2. All route tickets got confirmed.
3. All Hosts at each location are ready to help me, may not allow me to stay at their place, but will surely assist me in getting some place.

Due to this, I somehow got this belief in me, that even My lord wants me to take this trip, to come out of the Pond, in which I’m just surviving,not yet Living.
where we just run to attain some imaginary path to Success, which will be like a small fire shower like we have in Diwali at the end and then every one don’t even give a damn about it.
So its just a Life circle which everyone needs to complete and most live by how others want them to live like with a secure day to day life and no one is understanding that they only got one life to experience what they never did till now.

So Just 3 hours before leaving from Office with my packed bags towards Gujarat,here is what I wrote in mail to self:
Current State Before Leaving for first Train of Route:
“Initially , I was travelling Ahmedabad to stay with some stranger friends,then as family was not agreeing on my idea of this trip, I changed my first halt point to Baroda, as my Relative Mama was staying there and I will be OK with them.
hence by this, I given them a Sense of Security that I will be secured and in this activity I found this common characteristic:
If I make people mindset cool down with a sense of Secure future, they can be made agreed on anything, even if initially they were afraid of some what similar path, but due to pre-conceived notions, they take late decisions which sometimes limit the growth of them and same thing people learn in future by some or the other experience.”



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