Finally Solo Trip Started

As Planned, I left from 10.30pm train from Thane to Dadar, but it was 15mins late which usually doesn’t happen and it was the first frustration I head at start of trip and noticed that If I don’t leave my this attitude of Expecting some or other ideal situation ,then even if I’m looking to enjoy every experience I may get in this unexpected trip,then I can’t enjoy due to expectations, Like this I let go of any expectations and tried to go forward with the flow. So like this, on Dadar station, I straight went to ticket counter in one of the hidden section of this Big Railway station, during which I found my first Momentarily friend “Vaibhav” the Gujju Bhai who reached Mumbai for some Business dealing and now returning to Gujarat via his first Train travel from Dadar, where he got confused about where the train would come, as he was informed that train would come on Platform no.6 at 12am in Dadar West from ticket counter where I was also maintaining ticket Queue by using my angry expression on one of the idiot who tried to take ticket from mid without getting in queue, using public majority brawls, I got my General bogie ticket of Dadar-Bhuj Superfast train scheduled to run at 12:05am and then I got busy in finding the same platform no.6, but there was no platform 6, it was 5th platform on western railway side area of Dadar station. Like this with this that Gujju friend also got this way out and boarded his AC coach and I boarded my General Coach where I took lower side seat. In that bogie, people were shouting, brawling,laughing and some sleeping straight on sitting places in General Bogie, it was first time experience of such Circus which was happening when people were boarding this crowded bogie. And as I got my seat in that bogie, I started chating over whatsapp to share experience till now with office friends and they were Lolz on some of my experience in this little time and wished me Good luck before my train left from Dadar station.


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