product photography

Product Photography DIY

In order to run eCommerce store successfully, most important thing that I realized was the need of clear Product Photos as they are helpful for customer decision making process.

Hence when we needed product photography for, we asked some college friends who were professional photographers for help. however they proposed such a inconvenient option for us like we need to carry all our unique products like 50+ initially to their location which was 40km away and we need to pay around 25000 INR cost as it would be whole 8 hours shoot with creative people with their expensive equipments.


As a first time founder and day job doer with not much savings to bear such expenses at the start only without any profit earned in business, it was a difficult decision.

Hence I took down this hurdle as learning opportunity, in which I learned how to do this using what I got at my disposal like:

-Building photo lighting stands using pvc pipes ,

-CFL bulbs with butter paper for getting soft focus light on products,

-Arranged white back drop from backside of scrap vinyl banner of local store,

-Plastic string to hang the lightweight products on ceiling fan,

-Low cost tripod brought from online store at discount,

-Point-click camera of canon and

-Licensed copy of Photoshop.


Using all this, here is the one Final Product and other products you can see on :

product photography sample


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