Post event evaluations and learning’s

We had saved the failed event by making interactive challenges for new buds. Other vendors who participated in this event returned with an unhappy mood due to low or nil response, because as an ex student, I was only aware of how engineer students behave when less known names do marketing stunts in front of them.

Continuing the previous day’s workarounds to make interactive sessions for students, we attended a Hacking workshop organized by a well known government security agency named SkyNet. Obviously, we declared our live challenge in front of students: Hack our website – In the back my mind, I had some uncertainty that if they crashed the portal, then we need to build it again from scratch which may take up to 2 weeks of day and night work. But as the Risk loomed over, we took the risk in hope of if they fail to hack, then we can market the way we have the built website with optimal security standards.

Scene at the hacking Lab was like this: We announced the site URL to try hacks on. Their hacking teacher also explained some ways to hack it and he gave it a try himself.
Students jumped on the website in quick seconds and started thinking of various ways to turn it upside down. After 10 minutes, the site host went down and all said that they have made DDSL attack. In next few minutes, I found some lost connection to our host due to frequent connect-disconnects. Thankfully, due to our site lockout security feature helped us in these naive attacks and for next 2 hours students continued to try automated SQL injection attacks using their sophisticated software. They also skipped their lunch time to crash
Finally, at the end after two long hours, we were saved by our security wall, and courageous students’ efforts looked vain to them. We took a quiz on security with the help of their teacher and chose three winners to whom we honored with a free bag from BagTag appreciation certificate and a special discount coupon.

During this session, I met some of the extremely dedicated students. We shared some of the best security resources on the internet.

At a good note, we ended this session by announcing special self-earning opportunities, where we give 66% part of the profit to students, who can solve the problem of low quality bag by the educational institutes.

At last to call the day, we gave away customized TSECian bag from Bagtag for each event organizer and winners of their respective events.
Learning from this event – Help as much as you can and put forward real challenges to learn new things and help others with the same.


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