Event Response and Interactive Sessions

On Day 2 of the event (actually the first day), we boarded a fast train in a congested luggage bogie of a Mumbai local train to our college. During this journey, we got almost exhausted due to hot weather and a huge bag stock to take care of.
After leaving the totally-crowded train, we got down at the station and boarded a rickshaw from middle of long queue of passenger, skillfully skipping the eyes of the traffic hawaldar.

Once we reached the college, we started preparing our stall with banners, stock and some stationary, while still wearing the sweaty attire.
After getting fresh and waiting for next one hour, some girls started visiting our stall after taking a fair glance on some ‘girly’ teddy bags on the table. Once we said the cost, they turned away, not because we had a high cost, but because the cost was lesser than the market price.

Like this for next few hours, people visited the stall but no one brought anything. After the tiring wait, my chemistry teacher turned up to the stall and happily bought a bag for her little daughter.

As the day proceeds further, we started hijacking each event in this tech fest like: In android workshop for first year students – we threw a real challenge of building commission calculator using the basics which they have learned in that session. At end of the android workshop, we also took Android quiz to make it more interactive and finally honoured them with appreciation certificate from BagTag as a souvenir of their efforts they invested to make this workshop end at a fun note.


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