Event lags, finalization and setup

After plans and assumptions, we visited the college to meet the organizers to finalize where we will be setting up the stall and some ideas to make this event an engaging experience.
After this, we got 3 days for stall instead of initial 4 days proposal. It happened because their principal asked to pay 2k for each day in name of college facility usage instead of their already fixed stall price. So these students adjusted the days and made budget allocation as per their convenience.

On Day 1(Friday) of the event, we were all set to leave with all the stock, stationary and promotion material. But just 5 minutes before leaving our place, we got a call from event manager that we can’t set up the stall today as the principle demands more money from the event. Hence, we need to come directly on Day 2 and 3 (Saturday and Sunday) least crowded days of the college.
Unfortunately, like this we faced other difficulties as well – like setting up of a guitar show with the help of our friend who got in accident a day before the event.
All efforts seem to go in vain.


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