Plans of events

Pre event plans and assumptions

One afternoon, I got a mail from the tech event organiser from TSEC college (my engineering college). At that moment, I ignored that mail and got busy with BagTag work.

After 3-4 days, I got a call from one of marketing volunteer of that event and at the end of call he convinced me to be one of the sponsors of their event.

Then we had been in touch on Whatsapp to discuss my already done assumptions and planning about this event. Our sole objective was to create experience and make some sales to save our face financial wise.

Here is the rough event planning we jotted down:

Event Plan (14-22 Sep):-

-Register for stall (5k)
-Stock (10k) for day1
-Sales Rep (4k)
-Light Music System like Lounge and Mic for Karaoke event.
-Estimate min return on 10k is 1k in direct selling.
-Pre-event work: make BT samples, prepare BT Notepads,Business Cards.

Expected flow of Event:
-Former College guy advantage
-Attract engineers to work with us.
-Sell Stock at profit
-Attract retail audience
-Free merchandise orders for contest or free.
-Objective: sell imported, get pre-orders, promote free, attract stall and online sales, get -Bulk reference.
-Hijack the 2nd last day by Modern Tapori Dance event.
-We Play Business: Business is Complex for Complex people.
-Chirag Bro will be the mic-man helper.
-Another man will track sales and enquiries.
-Get Cool New Songs.
-Meet Manohar Manufacturer for Juki makers to get samples.
-Need Comedian as Sales Rep

Check List for event:
-Imported bags
-Business card
-Promotion bags
-Pre-order bags
-Banner for Table
-Chart paper Drawings.
-Mic & Speakers & camera

Ideas for sub-EVENT:
Event: Discounts to make Buying Fun
Event: Full house with discount rewards.
Event: Happy Fish Pond
Event: Tug of war with discounts
Event: Talent showcase with discount rewards.
Event: Standing GD on (what If No Placements).


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