BagTag’s First-Ever Live Event: TSEC College, Bandra

Hi Buddy,

Good to you here!

In this post, I have summarized our offline promotional event experience for our first ever Startup:
Bagtag online store (Bagtag.in).


In 2012 around September,we started with Bagtag website for Bag buying in Bulk where customers can leave a request for quotation. it was a static site with one contact page and about us page.Along with this, we printed our own Business cards and prepared our official bagtag ordering documents for sales process.

After serving around 3000+ Bags to our newly formed client base till June,2013 we launched our Bagtag Online store on 1st July,to be retail store front for local bag manufacturers and imported varieties which were only available to mumbai region near shipping ports.

In the starting months, word about bagtag was spreading through family and friends who brought new bags from our portal. Along with this, in the month of September,2013 we did offline promotional event in my engineering college in Bandra Mumbai.

In this event,we had an amazing experience which I wrote down as:

I had been part of TSEC till 2011, then in 2013 I SETUP our own stall of Bagtag in Same college which took following efforts to leverage this first Live Event:

1. Pre-event plans and assumptions.
2. Event lags, finalization and setup.
3. Event response and interactive sessions.
4. Post event evaluations and learning’s.
Hope it helps.


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