Friend inside

Guru Inside Us !

Yes !.

What I just wrote above didn’t make a sense when I first read this quote somewhere.

I realized this quotes actual meaning and deepness, when I attend first live session of ‘Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’ today.

Before attending his session, I already had many preconceptions and Realization like:

Regarding Followers:

1. All gurus preach god-god, but as I seen from childhood onwards that many people gather in a herd of thousands to just hear what their guru says in each visit to their city or town. BUT unfortunately I hardly met anyone who listens and understand what their guru said in each session.

2. So after each session, some people remembers what their guruji said, just to preach in their circles. They still don’t get how to do, what has been preached.

Regarding Guruji:

As in last 20 years from childhood onwards, I made a visit as a naive follower at some of the popular gurujis of my time as:

1. Firstly, I make annual trip to Guruji ‘Radha Soami’ each year and every time along with my family to listen same things and each time try to understand that God is inside us, then why we search outside. And from his recent preaching, I remember : if you don’t sit straight to meditate name of god in your young age, then how can you postpone it to your retirement days, when you  can’t even sit straight due to various health issues resulted from your current lifestyle.

2. Secondly, today I made my first trip to ‘sri sri Ravi Shankar ji’, and truly say I liked him, not because he is preaching the same stuff to meet lord via inside us, but because of his spiritual way to resolve any issue presented in front of him. He started his session by light standing yoga to wakeup people from early morning sleepy eyes.  Later after few Lord Ganpati and Lord Shiva bhajans, his close followers who are also its local subordinates in our town, thrown some problem questions in front of guruji to learn the spiritual way he will use to answer each question.

I remember some of them where :

A. My marriage has been 7-year-old and as the family size grown much that I can’t look after each family member , so please guide me ?

guruji said : you don’t get what you can’t handle, whatever happens is for your growth, so please do whatever you can and never ever complain about yourself as  if you are incapable of this. Human has more powers than any science can capture, so rely on your internal self which is a particle of that divine lord and push your limits in this limited lifetime only. There never exist Good Tomorrow, if you can’t see goodness in Today.

B. Every Now and then I hear my some neighbor changed their Religion from Hindu to Christianity or some other religion in greed of some extra cash. Is our religion loosing its edge ?

Guruji said: religion is made to take care of people and help them progress as a tribal community existed long back in your ancestors time

So those who leave some religion, they are blank followers, they didn’t studied the richness of Hindu religion yet, so they say it can’t help me . So its important to realize why our ancestors never left this religion, not because they don’t have choice.  Even they have same lucrative offers from other religion preachers existed then . So please ignore if they can’t understand now, they are putting their children’s religion and spiritual well-being in  dilemma.

And those who don’t know , for their information Lord Jesus stayed in India for 12 long years to learn Indian spiritual knowledge for spreading in western world and then as the time passed, after the sacrifice of Jesus, Christian religion was established by his followers.

However all religion are best in their place, but please don’t manipulate your ancestors religion choice and the future of your children’s.

  1. Why do you we have so many Lords in Hindu Religion ?

— Guruji said: You can make many delicious food items like samosa, sevaye, Roti etc from same Flour.

So do I need to say any more ?   :).

Like above Some more  of the Real Life queries, were answered by Guruji.

Hence Ultimately I can say, I remember following main quotes with example from his 2 hour session in my town:

  1. Knowledge + Love, is essential to enjoy spirituality , as you can only enjoy TV, when you experience sound and visuals at the same time.
  2. Body is a Temple of Soul. Keep it clean, so that you can clearly reach to your soul by surpassing your Internal Layering present before that soul.
  3. You have  your Best Friend inside you, to whom you didn’t yet sent any Friend Request. Did you ?

–Jai Guru Dev !  <|>


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