Duplicate Town

I’m Lucky !

Not Because I got great computer engineering degree or got a good MNC Job.

I feel lucky, that I grown-up in a town where entrepreneurship is family ritual which most local young people follow in the name of ‘Dad’s Business’.

As those local guys in business experience various ups-and-downs of their family business in day today life, they sometimes consider guys like me as Lucky as I get ‘Saturday, Sunday’ as weekly off from my regular Day Job.

But I tell you, as I’m in touch with internet portals like facebook, LinkedIn and some  more, I regularly experience that there is hype of entrepreneurship , which mostly seems to be from USA side, as their job market is currently volatile and most blog post says most entrepreneurs are emerging from USA or London (I read somewhere, but  I don’t remember where ?).

Sorry,  I gone too far from the Header of this post.

Basically, from Duplicate I mean my town where you get everything under the name of some Big Brand in unauthorized way.  Not because  that Local Business manufacturing house makes same copies of those Big brands which are famous in country.

Its because they can’t sell their original production in some new name(Brand) of their own.

So in order to earn livelihood in this competitive world, they depend on big brands in not right way.

So it’s obvious , once their production goes in same hands of consumer who once used the Original Brand things, they would complain of difference and curse the cheater town.

Hence as most of original things from my town are sold under Big Brand names, but with little minuses, it resulted it to be titled as “Duplicate Town”.

And whenever some Branded thing breaks or perform worse, people will usually say “Is it from that USA town !”.duplicate

So even though today in 2012, quality of products manufactured in my town are close to quality of those Big Brands, as all Big brands bring their production from china, so my town people also make great things from Chinese material resulting in lower product cost, which ultimately delivers value for money to customer, but due to lack Trustful Brand name and government support, no name like those Big Brands has aroused from this town.

In Today’s Urban life, when most people buy Branded things from  Shopping malls, my town people still prefer  to Buy from Local Market, because they get Quality as well as Trust.

So, even Local Market things are Good, but they are not yet making trust relation with broader audience of other towns or cities.

Hence in this case, an Establishment of Brand name needed , which will plays a role of representing the quality of work  that are delivered from my town.

Along with that a strong work required to build trust among broader public to convince that Local Products are close to your preferred International Brands.

Ultimately, it will help us to duplicate the same trust and domestic growth in every town which my town is experiencing , not the products.

So, I feel Lucky to born in these times, when so much is remaining to be done.

However in case you are curious, my town is called ‘USA’ at some place nearby.  It stands for  (Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association).


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