Old fills New

Sharing is Caring

In this world of competition,every one of us is busy in Rat Race,from which some have got few seconds to read this.
Its not about writing Big Big well thought quotes for just preaching others,its about incorporating that thoughts in your life.
I’m a witness of great number of stolen great thoughts scattered around on mine as well as my friends Facebook walls,most of them actually have tons of meaningful thinking behind them,but are mostly consumed as a light air .

I just took one of those thought written on my friends Facebook wall,it was “Sharing Is Caring”

This three word thought drives the whole human race from apes to present sophisticated ape.
I don’t go much in deep,If I took this topic from various perspective,it would take at least one data center to store that information. So I try to brief about its role from a geek’s perspective.

I have the first case,where this thought perfectly blends is the Open-source Revolution,where the branded developers given their work and time for free to their descendent generation and it’s still continuing ,starting from crowdsourcing coding to Social coding. Apart from software fraternity,this concept is also getting popular in other engineering fields.
Today even big MNC like Microsoft copies open-source systems Architecture to get best in the market for free. Its a fact,I heard from one of the Microsoft contractual employee.

So although even Big steals open-source concepts,but it doesn’t hurt much to open-source contributors,because there ultimate aim is to give back something to humanity,before leaving this earth. And they also know whatever valuable resources or knowledge they have,more useful for today,because tomorrow will be new knowledge based on todays conceptual pillars. That’s why I feel proud to be part of this knowledge Industry.

Actual aim of writing above paragraphs is make us understand that,we must share our experience’s,knowledge or whatever of whatever type,today people don’t shy of sharing their personals in the form of porn.
So why do we hesitate to share what we know,whether it may be an idea or tools or anything,because we all have same working brains,some work today,some will tomorrow. So whatever happens,our each one’s execution of idea differs not the base idea,which differentiates Facebook from myspace.

In my previous post,I shared some tips which worked for me in my job search,although I was selfish that I shared them after trying,for which I apologize,but now I realize that was childish,however I learned something in that way and I was worried about hiding resources,in the process of job search,I found every job seeker has same resources,only thing differs is their usage of that resource at right time and at right place.

This above text may sound crap to some,BUt who cares,I shared What I wanted to,It was not written,to be read by many,it’s just a realization,which everyone will have some or the other time and I have just documented it,for later reference to keep me remember,that I will share my experience’s,as “Experienced is another name given to Mistakes”, so me as well as others can learn from it.
And I took a resolution for year 2012,that I will share some of the Helpful Experience’s and Loose some weight also.


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