Struggle for Job

Un-Placed to Placed

Hello,its demlaip here,

Sharing my  job search experience in this last post of the year along with the ways which worked for me. Describing the ways I employed to get placed at a nice MNC company to learn more.In , I was just a below average guy,who got very low final aggregate percentage.

This low scorecard,was insufficient to get me ,even to first step of recruitment i.e. aptitude test. Due to which I missed to sit for companies like: Infosys,L& T infotech,Delloite,Morgan stanley, Tech Mahindra,Blue star infotech.
Although I got low scorecard,I got opportunity to sit for companies like:Accenture india, Vistaar,Oracle finance,Quinnox,Zycus infotech,Atidan,Tresvista,Vistex,Alphaplus tech,Citius tech,Microworld softwares,Rheal soft,Hostway,E-emphasis tech,Baysquare tech,Systenics tech,Zeus learning, and Capgemini india.

After attempting around 20 companies,in some I reached till their 2nd round of technical interviews,however in most of the initial attempts I got filtered out in aptitude tests.Then comes the dawn,I got selected into one of the MNC,after which I got most comments from friends as “Set hai Boss !”.Journey

While attempting those so many companies to get recruited,once I got fedup and purchased one web domain also in order to have a start of my own web business as I was once a part time web enthusiast. So whatever happens I never stop analyzing alternative ways to learn more by never stopping journey.

Now let’s get to the point, how I got so many chances to sit for good brand companies.
Most of the initial 2-3 companies,my campus allowed me to sit for them.
But due to only few campus chances and still remained unplaced after that,I employed following methods :

(0).Get Certifications:-
After I finished my 4 yrs college,whichever company I visit for walk in’s,I was not getting any preference,as I had nothing to prove them that I know this or that thing well. So,in order to get eligible for that preference,I chose a single line,whether it will be database’s or development like java or .net. So I opted to go for certification in Oracle database,which was the primary reason I think I got to select in which stream of industry I want to go. without that,I may be thrown into testing,networking,or any other stream,in which I won’t be liking in start.So I suggest,Go for certification in whatever you like,whether it may be DAtabases,Robotics,or programming,just to get some tangible proof that you are not a Blank Kid in the market.

(1). Built a short professional Resume:-
Although I tried many nice projects during my four years of BE college,but I mentioned only two projects of different type and as said in IT industry,”even experience people have 1 page resume”,so how can I even extend my resume more than Two pages as a Fresher. And rest all things you can see in attached resume,that I mentioned only few main skills,in which I proved something or certified them.

(2).submit resume on career portals:-
I submitted my resume on specific career portal sites of about 57 MNC companies along with that I already uploaded an updated resume on various job sites like,,, etc. Just to increase the probability of myself getting placed.

(3). Have a phone call:-
I tried calling various HR dept of MNC companies,where they usually ignore calls from students. So my call starts as ” hello,its demla from TSEC engg college,basically I need some HR enquiries”. So after this statement,one of the HR comes on the call by assuming that college authority has called.
So then say what you want to ask.

(4). Get some reference touch:-
I tried to accumulate contacts of various nearby relatives,who may be in touch with any of the industry guy indirectly. So I spoke with them,about what I need,so they asked to send my resumes to them,so that they can forward my resume to their known peers or friends,who are in industry for sometime,in the process I got in touch with some of the nice professionals,who indirectly helped me achieve required skills which are actually useful in industry. But I don’t,I have received any direct help,it just works in chains,you don’t know who in the chain will be part of your professional network later.
So just learn from whatever comes.

(5). JOin various social Networking JOb Groups:-
I joined various JOb seekers Facebook groups,and followed some Twitter posters also regarding any new job opportunity info. They really help in evaluating whether to attempt or not particular job opportunity,as some of the opportunities are just fake and mostly are relevant to types of members of that groups. And MAking HR as the Connection On doesn’t help much,I know this from my friends experience.

(6). Start working at Small:-
while trying above methods,I assisted in small startup also,to get in touch of some work.So try to get at least an internship to utilize your time till you get placed.Don’t hesitate to work for small,if you wish to work for Big.

Even After Trying all above ways along with digital profile on various professional networking sites like LinkedIn,SiliconIndia etc.
I got placed 3-4months after I finished my 4 years of college.
ANd I also Realized that,”whatever happens,It happens for a reason”,that is to teach me some essential needed in journey ahead.
And Forget what negative People say,they are just the audience,you are the Lead Actor in the Play.Never lose your flavor,as I also maintained my Engineer flavor in Step numbers which start with zero(0) similar to an Array of programming.

SO,I learnt great thing in this process,which I know will be useful at every step in my journey,that : NEVER Give Up,search for alternatives till arrived at Desired level.
As Even Einstein said once “Trying Same thing,expecting Different results each time”,will not work.

So,Good Luck and Best wishes for your Recruitment process and see you in the Industry.


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