Mumbra MOuntain

Mumbra MounTrek


In order to get Birds view of Mumbra Town in maharahtra,india.
I tried to get on top of a highest mountain in that area,which was just 1850ft high. 
THis was not the first time I visited that mountain,its just that this time I got new experiences,
which I never had before,like feeling sick in mid of trekking,not because I was actually sick,
its just the dehydration occurred in mid,as atmosphere temperature was near 32 degree celsius
in the afternoon. From two weeks,I was asking my friends to get ready and go for this,
however every time,some or the other things downturn this trek plan. so this time,
I carried on this trek alone,just to feel heat of afternoon sun,as for so many days
I had not tried anything which felt challenging as that of mount climbing alone,that’s what I feel.I don’t write much,
and I also don’t know,how to write nice paragraphs,as I’m still learning english by blogging.
so lets list out what I shot during this mountain trek.

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