Number Representation in 2’s Power using PHP

In order to learn anything you got to experiment with things, so I have a bad habit of trying that experimentation right in beginning of any learning course.
This time it’s the turn of PHP, which I started when I got fed with some speed mathematics formula’s and I thought instead of thinking so much for calculations of 2’s power representation, I can make a simple program code to think that for me. So the result of that is the below Code, in which I tried to represent any given number in 2’s power, because that’s the one thing which I remember from mathematics that any number can be represented using 2’s power. Below code works for numbers ranging from 1 to 1023,I tried with 1024 number also, but there is some issue with numbers greater than 1023 which I resolve some other time, because at present ,I learnt one thing that I can also code, if I think before coding anything. So, it’s enough for the day.

DOWNLOAD: sourcecode_two_pow.php



Below I also listed the file which includes the code when I was composing the above code in mockup ,by comparing with how I think of the above problem,so this file will be less clean with too much debris.

conceptualized time source code.php includes conceptualization of above problem.


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