learn everything

Learning without evaluation



Everyone of us,learn some or other thing daily knowingly or unknowingly. But then also,we can’t utilize that learning when its most need arises,have we ever thought that, are we become incompetent to learn something and utilize that later at some place, if yes, then you may have got some answer or excuse,which may be still unsatisfying you, think on it.

So, when we go in our childhood days,we got to learn many things a day,then we do at present, and we utilize that learning in our tasks like playing, fun , study and all.

And I come to know that ,when we were child,we learn anything we can,without having a second thought,where it gonna be used later.
So,I jumped on conclusion from this, is that “we should learn and enjoy anything that comes in our way, without evaluating its applications for later”.


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