Life is a gift

You Like Present,then you will like Future also.

Today someone asked me such a simple Question ,of which I heard people giving Long answers to that.Because at some or the other time everyone comes across this question.


Answer :  ‘GOOD’ OR ‘BAD’.

I answered GOOD, then the person who asked me this was clueless for the moment.So I asked him what are you thinking,you didn’t like what I just said.

He replied : At present you are going through worst days of your life,like you are jobless,your university results pending ,no source of money and some more, then also how can you say your  FUTURE will be GOOD,if thing are not in  your favour at present.

I replied: I don’t think much about whats not working,because I wish to concentrate on what will work.

And “IF you Don’t Like your Present then How will you Like your Future,when it becomes your present one day”.

So, I like all my days on earth,because at the End,when my creator calls me home,Flashback of all these moments on earth  will revolve around in my mind,so I want them to be good,for which I’m working on.


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