girl child

Girl Child’s Innocence.

Amazed to see how a girl child learns so many things in small span of 15 minute time of her trains journey led by her beloved father,to whom she calls by name of ‘Baba’. who is care taker of some big joint family.he answers every query of that 3 year old girl.without getting irritated from her repeated questions.

And after her questioning round,then that girl kept her busy playing with some tiny spring toys of a ostrich bird and some extinct dinosaur creature with magnet coins attached on their sides,from where she learns a magnet type material has some sort of North-South poles as told by her dad.and some other things like ostrich has wings,but it can’t fly like other bird’s which she usually see like sparrow in corner nest of her home’s window,then she again shift her focus to play with her toys ,in which she again and again prompt’s like ‘Dishum-Dishum’ Game.and she remained busy in playing with those tiny’s,and along with that she was singing or rhyming some childish tune’s in her native marathi language,which really calm’s down every person to hear her easing voice,which is not at all like a singer type voice,but then also,there is something was their in her cute rhymes,which she was prompting,which eases down some tenseness of people around her . Really every child is an representative of some holy things,which we don’t believe ,but it takes care of us in every moment and takes out the hidden child in adult like us for some moment’s.


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