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Blind & Deaf’s on Local Stations

When I was about to write this post about experiences related to train Platforms Blind&Deaf people,I was thinking how usually a pro writer begins its article writing is important,like starting with phrases like ‘once upon a time’ and all,but in Later few minutes ,A thought stroked was that,the incidents about blind and deaf commuters is important than the start of post about them.

So this post discusses about the handicap’s will power in comparison with normal people like us who are fine in all body terms.but fine people beg more than those who really in need of god’s help. As a part of daily curriculum,I had to travel from local trains,where I regularly find one or two deaf-blind people’s domain,although they don’t see this world as we do,but than also a satisfied smile flashes on their face during their conversation with others,which generated a realization to people like me,who are mean and still beg one or the other things from god,like give me that or give me this,is actually useless thing,as whatever we actually need ,we have got that, think about those who don’t has essential sense’s like hearing and vision. so being Thankful to god for having such bless on normal fine people like us and sad about the thing that I don’t have any powers to change life of those blind and deaf.


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