Animation using GameCanvas in MIDlet

Today, I had gone to some science exhibition at my old school, there I seen some Radiation LAB Symbol rotating at the gate of exhibition hall, from there I got the idea of creating the Animation like that in mobile application,so for that I had read the J2me’s book and I designed this animation using a Low-level UI element’s inherited from Canvas class.

PROGRAM – 4 : Creating Game Canvas Animation using FlushGraphics method in midlet.

Description : This program present’s you the showcase of How to create animation using Low level UI feature’s offered by the Game Canvas class,in which the graphics on the mobile screen are rendered using flushGraphics() method of the GameCanvas class.
as you go through the program,you can find all functionalities are achieved using different modular method’s.

Instructions to run a file:
The sourcecode file has to saved as .java file in the /src folder of new project created using a software “Sun java wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC” and for more details, feel free to ask here via comment’s

Download Link: Creating_Animate [.txt file]

OUTPUT Snapshots:

Source Code: 


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