RecordStore Database in MIDlet

Now,Its time to shift some focus from designing UI in mobile device to Data Storage in small mobile like Device’s.Database concept’s like insert,read,delete,modify,search data in database’s at a small level can be achieved in small memory mobile device’s using RMS(RecordStore Management System) feature provided in J2me programming language.

PROGRAM – 3 : Creating Database using Recordstore Management in midlet.

Description : This program present’s you the showcase of How to create DataStore in mobile like device’s which can be used by application’s to access required information stored in the small database by allowing operation’s like Submit or Inserting a data, Reading all data from database,Deleteing some data,Modifying some data,and Searching for some data.
In order to start with new datastore,you can change the name of recordstore in openrec() method.
As you go through the program,you can find all functionalities are achieved using different modular method’s.

Instructions to run a file:
The sourcecode file has to saved as .java file in the /src folder of new project created using a software “Sun java wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC” and for more details, feel free to ask here via comment’s

Download Link: Creating_RMS [.txt file]

OUTPUT Snapshots:

Source Code:  


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