J2me Form’s creation MIDlet

Today Im taking my first step towards building applications for mobile like devices using J2ME programming.
Let’s start Java2ME program snip’s creation,from whatever I had learned till now from the book “Beginning-j2me-from-novice-to-professional-third-edition” and from other resource’s like internet.

PROGRAM-1 : Creating Form’s with some TextField’s,CheckBoxes,Radio buttons and Popup choice’s.

Description: This program present’s you the showcase of How to append various types of textfield’s,choicegroup’s and command button’s to a single form.Amd how to fetch details entered in the form into a new form for verification purpose.

Instructions to run a file:
The sourcecode file has to saved as .java file in the /src folder of new project created using a software “Sun java wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC” and for more details, feel free to ask here via comment’s

Download Link: Creating_Form [.txt file]

OUTPUT Snapshots:



Source Code:


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