Pendrive Crashed-says Can’t read Superblock

yesterday I used my Pendrive in one of the PC of my institution full of variety of viruses, where I got a bunch of virus package in my pendrive of sony company, which had affected so deeply to my pendrive, that it got on the verge of being just electronic scrap.

when I attach that pendrive into windows xp PC, it takes more than 15 minutes to just detect its presence.

when I attached pendrive into ubuntu linux PC, it is not automatically get mounted,which is usually doesn’t happen and Gives an error

“Can’t read Superblock”

so, I decided I should repair my pendrive to get it worked again.

I had adopted following steps to repair it:

1. Insert the pendrive in the ubuntu OS machine, it had given me the error message of : “can’t read superblock”

2.  opening the terminal in the application menu.

3. performed following commands in the terminal:

sudo mount /dev/sdb1/ /mnt/

it again gives same error as: “can’t read superblock”

where sdb1 is the device directory of pendrive on the ubuntu /dev directory of filesystem.

Then I tried to recover pendrive using this code:

fsck /dev/sdb1/ /mnt/  -a

if it is FAT32 format, then use:
sudo /sbin/dosfsck -altrvV /dev/whatever

fsck.vfat -tr /dev/sdb1

In windows ,login to windows try  scandisk or defrag disk.

Using above fsck command I had successfully recovered my pendrive and its working fine.


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