DosBox Tutorial – to printscreen c++ output in xp

Take Print Screen of C++ graphic program on windows XP

This tutorial is specially dedicated to all who always tend to be very concise and alert about their study, and try to make everything perfect in their life. This tutorial has been inspired by the incident happened on Last weekend I heard that my friend tried to take print screen of C ++ graphics program on windows XP but he was unable to do that. Next day he found that windows 98 support Turbo compiler to take print screen so he installed windows 98 on his system .

So here I am writing this tutorial to take print screen of C++ graphics program on windows XP using third party software. As you all know that it is quite difficult to take print screen of C ++ graphic program on window XP, so I am using third party software i.e. DOSBox (Emulator which is used to play games).

Steps for this process:

1. Download DOSBox and install on your windows XP machine.

you can download dosbox for different operating systems from this link: Download DosBox

2. Open DOSBox.

Startup Screen looks like:

Opened DOSBOX Screen
Opened DOSBOX Screen

3. Type help to display all the commands.

Screen looks like:

Display of HELP command
Display of HELP command

4. After opening DOSBox you have to mount your C drive (in which present your turbo c++) in my case I am using drive C. shown below.

Screen looks like:

Mounting of TURBO C++ DRIVE
Mounting of TURBO C++ C:\\DRIVE

5. After mounting drive enter into turboc++ directory, use command C: then cd turboc++. Shown below.

screen looks like:


6. To view all the files and directories in turboc++ folder just type dir. and to clear scren just type cls before dir command.

Screen looks like:

Using DIR command
Using DIR command

7. Now open TC type tc.exe and press enter to open TC exe in Dosbox.

Screen looks like:

opening TC.exe
opening TC.exe

8. Now open your graphics c++ program and use mouse to compile or run your program.

screen looks like:

Using mouse for compiling turbo c++ file
Using mouse for compiling turbo c++ file

9. After running your program take screen shot of your graphic program using printscreen button on keyboard. If you want to run DOSBox full screen mode then edit dosbox.conf file and change fullscreen mode=true.

You can find dosbox.conf file in the directory specified in the dosboxbox status window screens as shown below:

dosbox.conf file  directory
dosbox.conf file directory

10. In my case directory was: “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\DOSBox\dosbox-0.73.conf”

open dosbox.conf file using notepad and change fullscreen mode=true.

Notepad Screen looks like:

dosbox.conf file in NOTEPAD
dosbox.conf file in NOTEPAD

Press ALT+Enter to switch between Fullscreen mode and normal mode.


17 thoughts on “DosBox Tutorial – to printscreen c++ output in xp”

  1. Dear Demla,

    Myself Dr K S Mathew, Associate Professor of Physics, Mar Ivanios College, Bethany Hills, Nalanchira, Thiruvananthapuram-695015. Kerala, India.
    There was no problem with Windows 98, but with XP & Vista it was not working. Thanks for the fantastic work done with DosBox printscreen c++ output in xp. May your newly developed technique help a lot of people like me. Really I am proud of you. Once again I Congratulate you.

    Heartiest regards
    Dr K S Mathew

  2. Hi,

    I am Prof.S.K.Sinha, I really wanted to appreciate all your effort for this tutorial of dosbox. Its really helpful and simple.After going through a lot of information , I finally found this ! and it was worth every minute of my time spent ! Thankyou very much! Continue the good work! Knowledge spread is after all knowledge gained!!


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