Second Output screen

Analog Clock -computer graphics project


> This is an computer graphics mini project aimed at designing the Analog Clock using C++ and basics of C language.

>The Implementation Program for analog clock and Snapshots of the Output of this Implementation are provided below.

>Here is the Download Link to get perfect copy of this mini project program, which works in c++ compiler like Turbo c++ and in others also:

{ Download Perfect copy in .cpp format }

Snapshots Of Output of Implementation:


First screen
First output screen
Second Output screen
Final Output screen


>On Implementation of this program please provide values for color opted for final output screen in the form of Integer values:

************** Implementation Program *******************


5 thoughts on “Analog Clock -computer graphics project”

  1. this is an awesome program.. well done…
    can u help me wid a program .. i want a design of analog clock .. nt a working one only a stationary design..

    1. one thing You can do in same program,is tht U just make all get_time component variables in this program as comment by //, and try to use drawline(),drawcircle() method’s of graphics library,which you can easily ge by just googling on web.

  2. I executed your program & have found it amazing..
    I therefore request you to please help me in my project too..
    I have got a mini-project & i have decided to make an animated wallpaper (i.e. i would like to show 2 kids playing football.. a simple project).
    I have to submit it in mid of September..
    Genuinely, I have many doubts & so i am in desperate need of your help….
    Please send me your reply on my e-mail id…. Please Help!!!

      1. Thank you for helping me to find the CG related books….
        & Thank for giving your precious time 4 replying my mail….
        Thanx again… 🙂

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