2D Transformation Implementation in c++

This an Computer Graphics practical program to showcase the different transformation in 2D graphics.

Instruction to execute the below program: the file as .cpp file in bin folder of any c++ software.
2.Compile and Run the file using the menu of that software.

Download perfect program in .txt Format

/*Program starts here*/

/*Program ended*/


6 thoughts on “2D Transformation Implementation in c++”

  1. tera program execute karta hun toh 1 sec ke liye black screen aata hai aur phir bandh.
    getch(); se bhi rukhta nahi.
    yeh kaunsa syntax hai – coutshx;

  2. hey Mohit …..its not his mistake but this program is given by techMax so blame dem 4 dat complex syntax……….

  3. just copy paste se program nahi chal raha tha , toh isliye downloadable copy provide ki gayi thi, I know this is from techmax, toh iss par aap ki rai aachi lagi.

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